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For Young People

Life for today’s young person is complicated and they are subject to all sorts of pressures.  They may be worried about their image, identity, sexuality, social media, friendships, relationships, bullying, self-harm, academic pressures and much more.


My aim in working with young people is to provide an environment in which they can relax and talk about what’s on their mind without fear of being judged or upsetting others.  If a young person keeps their worries to themselves, they can become greater problems making them even harder to share. Talking about it provides an opportunity to share feelings earlier rather than waiting until it feels too much.


It is likely that your young person may have things they do not feel comfortable talking about with those that are close to them.  Having time and space away from the pressures they are facing can help them find heathy ways to manage what is going on for them.  I will listen to them empathically and won’t tell them what to do.

Some young people find the idea of having counselling for 50 minutes overwhelming so I can offer shorter sessions, at a reduced rate. 


Sessions are held in my counselling room in Central Dorking – there is nothing intimidating or clinical about the setting, which helps them relax.


Counselling room
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