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My Approach

You may be feeling a bit sceptical about counselling and what it can do to help but in looking for a counsellor, you have started a positive process in which you can make changes to improve your life, whatever it has thrown at you, and I would feel privileged to work with alongside you in this.  Talking to a counsellor gives you time and space to safely explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a relationship without judgement or advice.


My approach is founded upon my humanistic and relational training in which I believe you can grow the ability to lead the life you choose and hold all the answers to your healing and happiness.  Afterall, there is no better expert on yourself than you!  I also believe that relational connection is at the heart of healing therapy.  Relational depth is a term used to explain the deep connections between counsellor and client and it is this that can really help clients move forward within the process of change and growth.  Therefore, it is really important that you choose the right counsellor for you.  My aim in therapy is to offer a warm, authentic and collaborative approach to support you within the process.


I look at you as a whole person, considering your mental, physical and emotional health and my aim is to build a trusting and non-judgmental relationship in which you feel empowered to find acceptance and supported to make the changes you want.

My sessions are either face to face, online or by telephone.

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